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Robyn Lynn Green RMT

Robyn Lynn Green RMT

After being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in 1993 and only finding relief with Massage Therapy, I decided to become a Massage Therapist and Healer.  I pursued my education in Toronto, Canada at the private college of Sutherland-Chan and Graduated in 1997.  I started my private practice that same year.  My career had exceeded my expectations and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.  In 2007 I had decided to give back to my profession and had started a small education group in my city of Guelph.  It soon was so popular, I was visiting 4 cities a month and offering education to Massage Therapists.  In the fall of 2008, I was asked by some colleges to start a Massage Conference in Canada and to run the education portion of the conference.  It has been several years now and we have grown the conference to include several different disciplines and run it in 2 countries. I am also a co-founder of ONE Concept. I enjoy my private practice as well as the conferences.  I live in Guelph Ontario with my husband and 2 children.


I have been using the Dolphin Neurostim for some time now.  It has greatly increased my practice efficiency and my clients love the results. I have found that my clients are enjoying pain free living and I attribute it to adding the Dolphin Neurostim along with my regular Massage treatments.  
     ~ Robyn Green

Robyn utilized a treatment modality called direct current neurostimultation on my forearm and wrist tendonitis/tenosynovitis. I had been experiencing severe, unrelenting pain in my forearm and wrist for about 10 days prior to the treatment.  The injury was the result of extreme overuse, demolishing an entire 1st floor of a home one weekend. The treatment was done in the evening hours. I awoke the next morning with the pain and crepitance in my arm completely resolved and only required 1 additional treatment to ensure resolution. As a Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Medicine for 22 years, I see and treat these types of injuries on a daily basis. I am fully aware of the “conventional healing time” and prognosis of this kind of injury and I was absolutely baffled at the rapid response that this form of treatment provided me  I have begun to recommend it as an alternative therapy to my patients with similar injuries.
    ~Landon West MSN, NP
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